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When CBD and CBG are taken together, they balance each other out. CBG works directly on the receptors while CBD stimulates the enzyme that produces the body’s natural endocannabinoids. Interestingly, when taken alone, people have reported that CBG causes them to feel drowsy, while CBD alone makes them feel energized. Therefore, it makes sense that, when taken in combination, CBD and CBG balance each other out. The process for taking CBD+CBG oil is very much the same as when taking CBD oil: It’s best to start low and go slow, stay on the same dose for about a week before increasing, regularly check in with your body during the process, take the oil consistently at the same time each day, and most importantly, be patient. Furthermore, there isn’t one set dose that works best for everyone. Since everybody’s body is different, a dose that works for one person might not be that effective for someone else.

To date, scientists found that CBD works better on physical issues in the body, while CBG is better suited against psychological issues. For example, even though CBG and CBD both have a positive impact on pain and sadness, CBD works best against pain while CBG acts better against sadness. Since everyone’s body is different, this statement could be applicable in an opposite way for some people.

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD and CBG

Studies on CBD and CBG’s effects on the human body are still in their early stages. However, there are still a good number of studies out there that provide proof of the benefits that the combination of these two cannabinoids provide. While it’s commonly known that THC causes psychoactive effects when taken in large amounts and elevated strengths, both CBD and CBG will not create such an effect.

Some of the therapeutic benefits of CBD and CBG include:

  • Pain Reduction: Most of the more commonly known cannabinoids offer an analgesic, or pain-relieving, effect. This is one of the many reasons why full-spectrum CBD oils, like the ones created at FAB CBD, are popular with people who suffer from chronic or acute pain. A blend of CBD and CBG can be an even stronger way to help manage pain. Additionally, because CBD+CBG brings an even stronger entourage effect to the body, this combination might also help to boost mood while tackling tough pain.
    • Battling Bacterial Infections: As stated earlier, studies show that CBD and CBG have the ability to fight off harmful bacterial infections. When researchers pitted CBD, THC, and CBG against MRSA, the CBG acted in a very similar way to vancomycin, an extremely strong antibiotic. Therefore, when combined with CBD, these results will most likely improve.
    • Anti-Epileptic: Both CBD and CBG have antispasmodic properties, which means that they can both help to alleviate or eliminate seizures stemming from epilepsy.
    • Mood Booster: When taken alone, CBG tells the body to stop absorbing serotonin, which leads to an improvement in mood. Conversely, CBD increases anandamide levels in the brain which prevents enzymes from breaking down anandamide. Low anandamide levels are linked to symptoms of depression. The combination of CBD’s interaction and CBG’s ability to improve mood translates to a better mood overall. CBD and CBG may also have the ability to improve Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, bipolar disorder, and manic syndrome, depression, and anxiety.
    • Anticancer Properties: Scientists discovered that CBD and CBG have the ability to prevent the abnormal cell growth and multiplication that happens in cancer. While more research is needed, the results of these existing studies are promising.

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