Hemp Hurd Fiber Straw Sticks 5 lb


Hurd, also known as shives, are the wooden core of the stalks which are removed during processing of hemp, as opposed to the bast fibers. Hurds consist of the woody inner portion of the hemp stalk, broken into pieces and separated from the fiber in the processes of breaking and scutching (decortication) and correspond to the shives in flax, but are coarser and usually softer in texture. Hurds have traditionally been a by-product of fiber production.

The building and construction industries have embraced the environmental benefits of this strong and versatile product. Hempcrete is one of these applications. This material is made by mixing a lime-based binder with the shives. The lime petrifies the organic shives once it sets. It’s packed into wood molds similar to the way concrete is poured. When the hemp hurd concrete has set, it is strong but also flexible. It’s lighter than concrete but can stand up to earthquakes better. Hempcrete structures can last for hundreds of years, but they are also biodegradable. Hempcrete is an awesome natural insulator. That means it can cut down on your heating and cooling bills

Medium sized Hemp Hurds are perfect for making engineered wood products like particleboard and medium density fiberboard.

In addition, ground up hemp hurd powder can be used as a filler in poloyolefine (plastic) matrix composites. The cost of the filler is lower compared to other filler alternatives such as glass fibers.


Hempcrete, Hemp wood, Large animal bedding, Mulch

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