Our Background

Since the 2018 growing season, we have proudly held one of the first Hemp permits granted by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and have spent significant time directly in the fields, ensuring only the highest standards are met.  We consistently research to learn more about the revolutionary therapeutic attributes of the entire hemp plant to confirm our products are not only effective but innovative as well.  This is only achieved through our valuable relationships, with an array of amazing hemp farmers, doctors, specialists, and companies across the globe that produce top quality organic hemp. We intend to produce an array of products ranging from health and beauty to food and beverage.

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Promises to You

Our goal is to provide top-quality, trustworthy hemp products which have been formulated to produce a positive and meaningful impact on the health of our community. We aim to showcase a wide range of pure, safe products that harness powerful botanical benefits while promoting the health, wellness, and betterment of our environment.

With the combination of our pure cannabinoid isolates, our CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC sublingual tinctures are blended with certified organic CBD flower, bio-mass, hemp seed oil and MCT oil. In addition, we have blended other organic natural healing agents that are clinically proven and geared specifically for different ailments and wellness such as Ashwagandha flower extract, proven to relieve anxiety and stress. Our results have proven that, hemp is another one of natures ways to heal.

Licensed to Process Hemp

Our verifiable medicinal products start here, with USDA Certified Organic grown Hemp and responsible techniques.

To provide an unbiased breakdown, all of our cannabinoid products are third-party tested and accompanied by Certificate of Analysis (COA's), showcasing cannabinoid profiles and ensuring consumers know we deliver on our promises. Our boutique of wellness products have been made with all natural, organic practices and ingredients from seed to shelf.